Tony Corbell Cr.Photog., API  

The Power of Shadows

In this unique presentation Tony will lead the attendees on a journey to think differently. As portrait and wedding photographers many have lived in the world all about the world of lighting. Here, we will discuss a new way of seeing and thinking, perhaps even a bit more commercially, in reading, understanding, and producing more work with the SHADOW as the driving force. This educational, enlightening, and entertaining program will feature numerous images and new work from Tony who successfully made the transition from Portraits to Commercial more than twenty years ago by learning to think differently.

About Tony

Tony has been involved in professional photography since 1979 when his first studio position was with his sister and her husband in West Texas.  Since then he has moved through an almost inspired life that has included traveling and lecturing in more than twenty countries, has photographed three U.S. presidents, 185 world leaders at the United Nations, sports celebrities, almost 800 brides and grooms, and a handful of NASA astronauts.

In 2012, Tony passed a major milestone having taught more than 600 seminars and workshops nationally and internationally.  In 2008/09 alone, Tony spoke to over 9,000 photographers in 36 cities throughout the world including London, Glasgow, Dublin, Toronto, Vancouver, Mexico City, Sydney and many more U.S. cities. 2010 – 2012 was again busy with Tony traveling to Germany, Las Vegas, Nashville, New York, Dubai, London, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and many more than 30 U.S. cities teaching photographic lighting and image workflow processes and practices. His Basic Studio Lighting book from publisher Random House (AmPhoto) has been popular worldwide and is the basis for numerous photographic college lighting courses. Tony has written articles in nearly every major photographic magazine in the U.S., Japan, the U.K., and China.

Awards and Recognition

Camera Craftsmen of America (President)

Professional Photographers of America (Honorary Master of Photography/Cr. Photog.)

American Society of Photog. (Hon. Educational Assoc./Board Member)

Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers-UK (Fellowship of SWPP)

Wedding Portrait Photographers International (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Legend of Light (Profoto USA)

FUJiFILM X / GFX Creator

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