Friday October 5th, 2018

Pre-Convention Class with Jim Trapp

In-person Sales Roundtable with Alisha Cline

Saturday October 6th, 2018

7am – Registration Desk opens

9am – Photographic Competition Begins

9am – Club 79 Opens

12pm – Club 79 Closes

12pm-Lunch starts

1pm – Lunch ends

1:30pm-3:30pm - Chris Knight presents “Mastering One Light”

4pm-6pm – Tara Ruby leads Hands on Session “Capturing Motherhood Photowalk”

6pm – Low Country Boil starts

8pm – Low Country Boil ends

8:30pm – Hospitality Suite opens

Sunday October 7th, 2018

8am – Registration Desk opens

8am-12pm - Gary Box presents “How to sell face to face”

12pm – Lunch starts

1pm – Lunch ends

1:30-3:30pm – Randy McNeilly presents

4pm-6pm – Tim Priest leads Hands on Session “Finding the Light”

6pm - GPPA Portrait Studio Photos opens

7pm – Awards Banquet begins

9pm – Awards Banquet ends

9:30pm – Hospitality Suite opens

Monday October 8th, 2018

8am – Registration Desk Opens

9am-1pm – Ted Linczak presents “The Art of Wow”

1pm – Lunch starts

2pm – Lunch ends

2:30pm-4:30pm - Nicole Begley presents “Cultivating qualified clients through charitable marketing”

5pm-7pm – Gray Armstrong and Brad Budd lead a Hands on Session “Off camera flash vs. Available Light

7pm – Dinner Starts

8pm – Hospitality Suite opens

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